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Courses by Term

  • JWST85: Independent Study and Research - All Terms - Arrange

Modern Hebrew and Biblical Language are available from the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literature (DAMELL).

Please check this site often for up-to-date information on course meeting times and course availability. See the Office of the Registrar for the JWST course listings.

Spring 2018

Summer 2018

  • JWST 11.01/HIST 94.09: History and Culture of the Jews II: The Modern Period (SOC/Cl)- Heschel - 10
  • JWST 11.02/HIST 94.09: History and Culture of the Jews II: The Modern Period (SOC/Cl)- Heschel- 11
  • JWST 24.2/HEB63: From Genesis to Seinfeld: Jewish Humor and Its Roots (LIT/W)- Glinert - 2A
  • JWST 40.01/GOVT 40.09: Politics of Israel and Palestine (INT or SOC/NW)- Anziska - 12
  • JWST 44/GOV 40.22: The Making of the Modern Middle East - Anziska - 2

Fall 2018

  • JWST 4/*REL 4 Religion of Israel: The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) Ackerman - 12
  • JWST 6/REL 6 Introduction to Judaism- (TMV/W)-Shaul Magid - 10
  • JWST 13: Jews and Money - Greenblatt - pending
  • JWST 14/LALACS 50.16/HIST 90.04: The Jewish Atlantic- Rauschenbach- 11
  • JWST 26/COLT 70.03: European Jewish Intellectuals (LIT/W)- Kritzman - 2A 
  • JWST 29/REL 80.09: Bible, Sex, and Sexuality (TMV/W)- Ackerman - 10A (pending)
  • JWST 36.01/REL 33*: Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Age of the Crusades (TMV/W) -MacEvitt -2A
  • JWST 40.01/GOV 40.09: Politics of Israel and Palestine - SOC or INT/NW - Avishai - 2

Winter 2019

  • JWST 36.02/Hist 94.11/REL 32.06 Jewish Views of Christianity- (INT or TMV/CI) -Magid- 10A
  • JWST 53/WGSS 33.3/REL 19.22: Gender and Judaism (TMV/Cl)- Greenblatt - 2A

Spring 2019

  • JWST 07.05 Nietzsche and the Jews: M.McGillen- 12
  • JWST 11/HIST 94.09: History and Culture of the Jews II: The Modern Period (SOC/Cl) Greenblatt - 12
  • JWST 16/AMES 17/HEBR 10 Introduction to Hebraic and Israel Culture (W/LIT) Glinert - 10A
  • JWST 61/REL 22 Modern Judaism- Magid -2A
  • JWST 62/REL 23- Jewish Mysticism- Magid- 6B
  • JWST 70/ENG6 55.15/REL 74.12: The Merchant of Venice: the Jew in the Protestant Imagination (LIT/W) - Heschel & McKee - 2A