Congratulations to faculty members for book publications!

Please join me in congratulating several members of the Jewish Studies faculty on the publication of new books.

Barbara Kreiger, The Dead Sea and the Jordan River (Indiana University Press)

Ehud Benor, Ethical Monotheism (Routledge)

Veronika Fuechtner and Douglas Haynes, eds., A Global History of Sexual Science, 1880-1960 (University of California Press)

Irene Kacandes and Yuliya Komska, eds., Eastern Europe Unmapped: Beyond Borders and Peripheries  (Berghahn Books: 2017)

Sebastian Boret, Sergei Kan, and Susan Long, eds., Death in the Early Twenty-First Century: Authority, Innovation, and Mortuary Rites (Palgrave: 2017)

In addition, Samuel Kassow’s book on Emanuel Ringelblum, Who Will Write Our History?, is being made into a 90-minute documentary film that will soon premiere at the new Jewish Museum in Warsaw. Hopefully, Sam will also present the film at Dartmouth this coming year (2018).

Our visiting professor this summer, Seth Anziska, has submitted the manuscript of his forthcoming book, Preventing Palestine, to Princeton University Press, and it will appear in fall 2018.