Jewish Studies Senior Theses Presentations and Awards

Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 4:30 pm

4:30 pm Opening remarks: Susannah Heschel

4:40 pm Senior Theses Presentation

Elisabeth Bronte Jenkins

"The Feminist Problem": An Examination of Orthodox Jewish Attitudes towards Women as Reflected in the Journal Tradition.

This thesis analyzes publications in Tradition, the Orthodox journal for Jewish thought, from 1958 (the first year of publication) through 2016. The articles examined concern women's right in thirteen areas: marriage and divorce; sexual abuse; abortion; contraception; birth, motherhood, and paternity; pregnancy, in vitro fertilization, and genetics; as well as women's roles in  communal ritual, including prayer and Talmudic study; synagogue ritual; status in Jewish law; female leadership; shofar; Shabbat; and personal attire.

Questions & Answers to follow

5:30 pm Closing remarks: Susannah Heschel

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