Modern Judaism Winter 2022

Shaul Magid is professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College, Kogod Senior Research Fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, and a contributing editor to Tablet Magazine. His forthcoming book is Meir Kahane: An American Jewish Radical with Princeton University Press.

Meir Kahane (1932-1990) was an American militant rabbi who founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in 1968 as a response to the racial unrest and antisemitism surrounding the New York City school strike in May of that year. Kahane later immigrated to Israel, founded an anti-Arab party, was elected to the Israeli Parliament in 1984, and in 1987 was removed from Parliament under a "Racism Law" that legislated his party as racist. He was assassinated in New York City in 1990. In America, Kahane used what Critical Race Theorists later called the "grammar of racism" to promote Jewish identity and pride during the culture and race wars of the late 1960s and early 1970s.



JWST 61 Modern Judaism
Shaul Magid @2A

This course will trace the ways Jews in modernity made sense, challenged, adopted, and adapted modern thought, culture, and politics in their recalibration of Judaism. The role Jews played in modernity in well-known. But how did Jews re-think Judaism in ways that enabled it and them both to survive the challenges of modernity and also retain a sense of difference enough to enable Jews to assimilate yet not disappear. In this course we will look at some of the major trends and thinkers from the 17th through the 21st centuries as they struggled to reinterpret Judaism for the modern age. Open to all classes.

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