History and Culture of the Jews 1 Spring 2019

History and Culture of the Jews 1
The Classical Period (SOC and W)
JWST 10/HIST 94.08
Rachel Greenblatt @ 12 hour

Can we trace an “authentic” Jewish identity throughout history, as distinct
from many “cultures” of Jews in the multitude of times and places in which
they lived? This course provides an overview of the development of the major
trends in Jewish civilization from biblical times through the early modern era
(ending c. 1700) by exploring the lives of Jewish women and men, along with
expressions of their ideas and practices. At its core, the course asks: is it
even possible to define “Jewish” culture independently of that of other
cultural traditions in whose midst it developed at different points of history?
How do we integrate a respect for the autonomy and internal development of
Jewish traditions while at the same time understanding that Jews constantly
defined that culture in relation to their wider geo-political and cultural

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