About the Program

The Jewish Studies Program at Dartmouth, with offices in Reed Hall, offers some of the most popular courses at the College. Our faculty are internationally-renowned scholars and teachers in the field. Their research and course offerings encompass a wide range, including biblical studies, rabbinics, medieval Jewish philosophy and mysticism, and modern Jewish history, thought, and literatures. Our classes are are cross-listed with a range of departments, including History, Religion, Middle East Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Government, among others. 

Thanks to our Brownstone Endowment and the Dartmouth Harris Professorship, we bring visiting faculty each year from around the world, including Israel, Germany, France, and England. They have included Francois Guesnet, Sylvie Anne Goldberg, Elliot Wolfson, Sidra Ezrahi, Jonathan Boyarin, Grace Paley, Jonathan Karp, Benny Morris, Jonathan Frankel, Bryan Cheyette, Orly Lubin, Hila Blum, Hartmut Lehmann, Ruth Kark, Sibylle Quack, Andreas Gotzmann, Christina von Braun, Sina Rauschenbach, and Christian Wiese. 

Courses on the Israel/Palestine conflict have been taught for us by renowned scholars, including Hillel Cohen, director of the Center for the Study of Zionism at Hebrew University, Bernard Avishai, Ezzedine Fishere, Seth Anziska, Danny Rubinstein, and Lior Sternfeld. 

The Jewish Studies Program also has an active lecture series that has brought leading figures in the field to campus, including Seyla Benhabib, David Kertzer, Benedict Anderson, Martin Jay, Ada Rapoport-Albert, Jonathan Sarna, Karen Painter, Angelika Neuwirth, Samuel Kassow, Gideon Freudenthal, Michael Marrus, Christopher Browning, Jeffrey Herf, Anson Rabinbach, Götz Aly, Antony Polonsky, Berel Lang, Morris Dickstein, Hannan Hever, Griselda Pollock, Gideon Libson, David Berger, Leon Sheleff, Tova Rosen, Gerhard Weinbeg, among many other distinguished figures.