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Beniamino Fortis


Ben Fortis

He holds a PhD in Philosophy. He studied in Venice, Florence and Berlin. His research interests are in picture theory, aesthetics, and contemporary Jewish thought.
As a posdoctoral fellow he is currently leading a research group on the topic "Bilderverbot and art theory"

Tertium Datur
A Reading of Rosenzweig's 'New Thinking'

Berlin,2020, 256 pp. Apeliotes. Studien zur Kulturgeschichte und Theologie. Vol.15hb. ISBN 978-3-631-80874-0CHF



Noëmie Duhaut


Noemie Duhaut

"L'Alliance israélite universelle, les Juifs roumains et l'idée d'Europe." Presses Universitaires de France | archives_juives.pdf | 2020/2 Vol. 53 | pages 72 à 89

Since May 2019: Senior researcher at the Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG) in Mainz, Germany. https://www.ieg-mainz.de/en/institute/people/duhaut

2018-2019 : postdoctoral fellow, Jewish Studies Program, Central European University, Budapest.