Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This program provides a unique opportunity to study these questions and themes on location with scholars, experts and historical eyewitnesses. It also provides the opportunity to develop research skills and scholarly writing by delving into an original research project, which takes advantage of otherwise inaccessible local resources, including archives, memorials, and local experts in a range of fields. Students can also choose to begin or deepen their language studies in German at any level.

When Can I Go?
The program is run during winter terms.

What Courses can I take?
Please contact the program directors Susannah Heschel and Veronika Fuechtner.

How many students go on this program? TBD

Where will I live?
Students live with homestay families.

Student Life?
The program features several day trips and extended overnight trips with lectures and excursions, some of which may vary depending on the interests of the students enrolled in the program.

Who oversees the program? The program directors Susannah Heschel and Veronika Fuechtner in conjunction with The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Studies.

How do I receive credits for this? TBD

Which departments or programs accept transfer credits for courses on this program? TBD