Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Students will be required to have completed at least one course in JWST or GERM prior to the trip.

They will also be required to participate in three preparatory meetings over the course of the fall quarter prior to their departure in November.

When Can I Go?
The program is run during the 3 week winterim- this is called Fall Plus.

What Courses can I take?
Sign up for fall JWST 34.03

How many students go on this program? the cap is 18

Where will I live?
Students live with homestay families.

Student Life?
The program features several day trips and extended overnight trips with lectures and excursions, some of which may vary depending on the interests of the students enrolled in the program as well as the situation in Europe.

Who oversees the program? The program directors Susannah Heschel and Veronika Fuechtner in conjunction with The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Studies.

How do I receive credits for this? During fall term sign up for JWST 34.03 as your fourth course. 

Is there a paper or exam? There is a final exam for the course.