The major is designed to offer an in depth engagement with the historical and cultural experience of Jews throughout the world, and to Jewish thought, literature, and contemporary political and social issues. Those completing the major are encouraged to participate in the study-abroad offerings of the program and to obtain at least a working knowledge in a language relevant to research in Jewish Studies such as Hebrew, Russian or German.

Requirements: A total of ten courses, which must include:

Pre-Modern Era

One of the following: 

•   JWST 006 - Introduction to Judaism

•   JWST 010 - History and Culture of the Jews: Antiquity and Medieval

•   JWST 004 - Hebrew Bible

Modern Era 

One of the following:

•   JWST 011- History and Culture of the Jews : Modern

•   JWST 061 - Modern Judaism

•   JWST 044 - Making of the Modern Middle East

•   JWST 34.03: The History of Jews in Germany (Migration and Memory) (Fall + extended travel component)


One of the following:

•   JWST 051 - Freud, Jews and Gender

•   JWST 074 - The Jewish Jesus

•   JWST 053 - Gender and Judaism

•   JWST 040 - Politics of Israel and Palestine

•   JWST 037 - Nazis, Neo-Nazis and Antifa

Culminating Experience

One of the following:

•   JWST 085 - Independent Study

•   JWST 086 and 087 - two- term/two credit thesis project

Additional Coursework

6 additional courses in Jewish Studies

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are expected to update Dartworks' plan to reflect courses completed, current enrolled courses and courses you are planning to take to meet the JWST Major requirements.