2020 - 2021

Born After: Reckoning with the German Past
Angelika Bammer, Emory University, November 5, 2020

2016 - 2019

Antisemitism Resurgent:what does it mean? What do we Do?,  Cynthia Baker, Bates College, Maurice Samuels, Yale University, Edward Bradley, Dartmouth College, 10/10/19

Timing: The Art of Time,  Sylvia Goldberg, Brownstone Distinguished Visiting Professorship Dartmouth, 10/5/19

A scream in the night: White Racism as Anti-Theological, Georgy Yancy, Emory University, 8/14/19

Religious Authoritarianism, Jamie Raskin, US Congressman, Harvard University, 7/22/19

A Heritage of Fascists Without Labels, Anna Duensing, Yale University, 5/23/19

In the Land of Nunca Más: Genocide, Human Rights, and the Jewish Imaginary in Argentina, Natasha Zaretsky, New York University, 5/17/19

The Arab Renaissance (The Nahda), Tarek El-Ariss, Dartmouth College, Hoda Barakat, Dartmouth College, Lital Levy, Princeton University, Yoav Di-Capua, University of Texas, 5/16/19

Gender and Anti-semitism, Christina von Braun, Humboldt University, 5/14/19

A Black President Will Not Save Us: Prophetic Politics and the Future of the Race, Terrence Johnson, Georgetown University, 4/24/19

Israel's Identity Crisis: The Likud Era, Ilan Peleg, Lafayette College, 4/8/19

A New Paradigm in Constitutional Law Human Dignity, Dieter Grimm, Humboldt University of Berlin, 9/17/18

Preventing Palestine: A Political History from Camp David to Oslo, Seth Anziski, Visiting Professor Dartmouth, University College London, 8/13/18

Jews and American Politics: Historical Ideals and Contemporary Realities, Jonathan Sarna, Brandeis University, 8/6/18

Uncovering the Body: Huguette Caland and Modern Arab Art, Brigitte Caland, American University of Beirut, 4/25/18

Europes Jews Between Shoa, Re-Formation and New Perils, Julius Schoeps, Potsdam University Germany, 4/24/18

Hasidism on the Move: Interwar 'Exile' in Poland and the Emergence of Modern Habad', Ada Rapoport-Albert, University College London, 10/25/17

Hair: Transcultural Entanglements of Place, Race, and Identity in Central Europe, Francois Guesnet, Visiting Brownstone Professor Dartmouth, University College London, 10/3/17

Who's Human? Who has rights? Moses Mendelsohn, The Jewish Enlightenment and Human Rights, Zachary Braiterman, Syracuse University, 7/15/17

The Monk's Haggadah, David Stern, Harvard University, 3/30/17

Remembrance and Hope - Past, Present and Future of German, Ralf Horlemann, German Foreign Service, 8/11/2016

When Policy is Personal: My Service in the Obama Administration US Department of State, Matthew Nosanchuk, Associate Director of Public Engagement, White House, 8/9/16

Sounding the Nation: The Case of Israel's Nation  Anthem Hatikvah/The Hope, Edwin Seroussi, Hebrew University Jerusalem, 8/2/16           

All That are Left of the House of Israel: The Revival of Judaism in World War II France and Its Postwar Impact, Sarah Hammerschlag,  University of Chicago, 7/26/16

Undeclared Wars with Israel, Jeffrey Herf, University of Maryland, 7/19/16

The Role of the Historian in Times of Conflict: On Writing Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1929, Hillel Cohen,  Visiting Professor at Dartmouth, 7/7/16

The Middle East Historian in Times of Conflict: Writing "Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1929, Hillel Cohen, Visiting Professor at Dartmouth, 7/7/16

The Wanderers/Di Voglers/Stranniki, Psoy Korolenko, Russian Performer, and Polina Shepard, Russian Performer, 5/5/16

How to Forge a Biblical Book: Evidence from the Ancient World, J. Edward Wright, 2/23/16