The Israeli Economy: A Story of Success and Costs

The Israeli Economy: A Story of Success and Costs
Professor Joseph Zeira, Hebrew University
March 1, 2022 @ 12:15 pm

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The talk presents some of the main results of the book by this title. It will focus on how Israel succeeded to catch up with the growth frontier in a region that is much less developed and it will also explore the fact that Israel is still below the advanced countries. I will also discuss some issues of the large high-tech sector in Israel. The talk will then focus on the various costs of the Israeli Arab conflict. It will also discuss social democracy in Israel. Finally, I will present Israel as an experiment in neoliberal policies and show that these did not boost growth, but raised inequality.

Joseph Zeira is a professor of Economics in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During the years, he visited Harvard, Brown, Brandeis, the University of Crete, Columbia University and Northwestern University. Joseph Zeira is a macroeconomist, who specializes in a number of areas: technology and economic growth, income distribution and macroeconomics, money and liquidity, and the economy of Israel. In 2018, he published the book "The Israeli Economy" in Hebrew. An English version of the book appeared in the US in November 2021.

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