Welcome Jonathan Schorsch

Fall 2022
JWST 15.02/REL 74.18: Judaism and Ecology- Schorsch -11

Tracking between ancient, medieval and modern texts, we will consider the rise of Jewish "environmentalism" in the late 19th and 20th centuries, both as theory and practice, and the changing place in Judaism and Jewish life of themes such as agriculture, animals, nature, pantheism and anthropocentrism. The course offers a window into central but often marginalized aspects of Judaism and Jewish culture and society as they changed over the centuries; familiarity with some of Judaism's major texts; a survey of some vital features of contemporary Jewish life and Jewishness.

Jonathan Schorsch teaches Jewish religious and intellectual history at Universität Potsdam and is the founding director of the Jewish Activism Summer School (Berlin). He is at Dartmouth College through the Harris Distinguished Visiting Professor Program and will teach for the Jewish Studies Program.