Dynamic Repetition: Rosenzweig on Redemption and Cyclical Time

On Thursday Nov 10 at 5 pm Jewish Studies is hosting Israeli scholar Gilad Sharvit who will present on his new book that deals with Jewish messianism in Modern Jewish Thought. Sharvit's work offers new insights into modern Jewish philosophy that is fresh, incisive, and innovative. Please join us for his in-person lecture followed by a discussion.

Gilad Sharvit, In-Person Event, 11/10/22, 5pm, Haldeman Center, Room 041, 29 N. Main Street, Hanover, NH 03755

Dynamic Repetition proposes a new understanding of modern Jewish theories of messianism across the disciplines of history, theology, and philosophy. The book explores how ideals of repetition, return, and the cyclical occasioned a new messianic impulse across an important swath of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century German Jewish thought. To grasp the complexities of Jewish messianism in modernity, the book focuses on diverse notions of "dynamic repetition" in the works of Franz Rosenzweig, Walter Benjamin, Franz Kafka, and Sigmund Freud, and their interrelations with basic trajectories of twentieth-century philosophy and critical thought. The lecture focuses on Franz Rosenzweig's notions of cyclical time and the production of redemption. Free and Open to the Public.