Dartmouth Professors Featured in Boston Globe Editorial

Professors Susannah Heschel, Tarek El-Ariss and Ezzedine Fishere were featured in a Boston Globe Editorial for initiating forums on Dartmouth's campus for peaceful dialogue amidst the Middle-East conflict.

"Professor Susannah Heschel, who chairs Dartmouth's Jewish studies program and co-organized the forum, cautioned students against reducing the events to a simple narrative. She suggested students study the Middle East and recognize the limitations of their knowledge ("We should not try to learn what's going on from TikTok," she said)," said the article.

The piece also mentioned, "The professors were then prepared to respond immediately after the attacks to create what El-Ariss called an "intellectual culture" alongside a "culture of care" where "we're not just there to fight each other or win an argument but we're actually there to communicate, to dialogue, despite the difficulty."

Read more here: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2023/11/12/opinion/israel-palestine-college-classrooms/ (with subscription).